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Christian Marriage Counselor

Current research shows that many techniques and theories often used by a Christian marriage counselor to improve distress in relationships are many times ineffective and can actually escalate conflict levels. Some of these approaches continue to be used without continued evaluation regarding whether or not achievements are being made for any considerable length of time by the couple, even after treatment has terminated. Our therapists employ the greatest outcome-validated techniques when seeing clients who are interested in Christian marriage counseling. These therapies are encouraged by leading couples therapists in the field and also allow the therapist to retain their individual style of counseling.

Each relationship has its own distinctive characteristics; let our therapists work with you and your spouse to pinpoint your relationship’s challenges and strengths, and allow them to create an individualized treatment plan. Our Christian marriage counselors incorporate your personal experience of the relationship into an intervention plan that will be engaged outside of sessions. Plans are put into action when our therapist has the agreement and participation of both parties. If you feel that your relationship is in need of counseling for couples, let our therapists create an original and ground-breaking plan that meets your distinctive needs.

Our practice believes that the primary importance for our clients is the relationship with their therapist. Therapy cannot be an effective tool if there is not a certain level of trust and comfort between the client and the therapist. By being actively engaged in their techniques and approach, our therapists will work diligently to translate skills that you and your partner will learn in session to your relationship when you are outside of the office. Our definition of a successful Christian marriage counselors is to become less involved over time as you and your partner become capable of utilizing latent abilities that you both already possess until eventually, our support is no longer necessary.